Matlack Leasing, LLC is one of North America’s leading lessors of ISO tank containers, tank trailers and tank chassis. Our growing fleet of nearly 3,000 units consist of Tank Trailers: MC 307, DOT 407, MC 312, DOT 412, and MC 331; Tank Containers: T11, T14, T20, T22, T50 and refrigerated units; and drop frame chassis.

Matlack Leasing continues to serve a variety of customers including: most major chemical companies, industrial manufacturers, waste removal and environmental service providers, as well as petrochemical, agricultural products and other industries. Our wide range of experience and solution development expertise enables us to recommend storage and transport solutions for most bulk liquids including: petroleum products, acids, corrosives, hazardous waste, and sterile and temperature controlled products such as food grade liquids and pharmaceutical intermediates. As an active member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) we also provide over the road transport units and in-plant storage units to a range of small to very large chemical distributors.

Knowledge and innovation is what separates Matlack Leasing from the competition. We visit manufacturers around the world to bring you the latest developments in ISO tank containers, tank trailers and tank chassis design. We offer a lease purchase option on specialized new builds. We will modify existing equipment for lease to meet your specifications and our equipment will meet or exceed industry standards.

Call Matlack Leasing at 1-800-MATLACK for all of your bulk transportation equipment needs. Just tell us what you need, and Matlack Leasing will do the rest!