Tank Trailer Leasing

Tank Trailer Leasing And Chassis Leasing

Industry knowledge, convenient depot locations, flexible lease terms, and personal service are what separates Matlack Leasing, LLC from the competition. Matlack provides chemical manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies, environmental service providers, and liquid bulk haulers with quality road-ready tank trailers and chassis leasing. We consult with customers, manufacturers, and industry experts to anticipate fleet equipment demand so that our trailers and chassis are available when and where you need them.

Matlack Leasing, LLC is one of North America’s leading lessors of tank trailers and tank chassis. Our growing fleet of over 3,000 units consists of Tank Chassis and Tank Trailers including MC 307, DOT 407, MC 312, DOT 412, MC 331, drop frame tank chassis, and Specialty Equipment. Matlack Leasing routinely purchases new tank trailers with (and without) frequently requested options such as vapor recovery and 2’O’clock walkways. Matlack also purchases lightweight, yet durable tank chassis, with and without options such as lift kits. Our inventory varies so call 1-800-MATLACK whenever you have a need to expand your fleet.

Our existing fleet units are available at depots nationwide for customers with immediate needs. We will also work with customers, manufacturers, and trusted 3rd party repair facilities to customize equipment to meet client specifications. Depending on the complexity, TRAC leases and lease-purchase options may be offered. 

Check our trailers and chassis today.  All leased equipment units are received road-ready and meet or exceed industry standards unless otherwise specified.

Matlack Leasing’s tank trailer

Lease Tank Trailers for bulk liquid transport and secure your next hauling opportunity.

Matlack Leasing’s tank chassis

Drop frame chassis for transport and storage of liquid bulk freight.

Matlack Leasing’s Storage Tank Trailer

Leasing equipment provides the ideal solution for storage and in-plant transportation.

ISO Tank Container Leasing- Matlack Leasing

Purchase previously leased equipment “as is, where is” and subject to availability.

Achieve Your Business Goals With Our Tank Trailer & Chassis Leasing

Matlack Leasing’s nationwide depot locations and flexible lease terms quickly provide manufacturers and distributors with quality equipment in order to streamline asset acquisition and fleet expansion. Buying decisions require capital investment and a long-term commitment to markets. As we have seen, consumer markets may change abruptly. Leasing frees up capital for other uses and limits risk.        

Matlack’s large tank trailers, tank chassis, and chemical trailers serve industrial manufacturers, chemical distributors, logistics providers, and many other industries that specialize in the storage and transportation of bulk liquids.

MATLACK’s MC 307 Trailers and DOT 407 Trailers

Tank Trailer Leasing & Chassis Leasing For Most Industries

Contact Matlack for leasing options on new equipment, road-ready tank trailers, tank chassis, or bulk liquid storage solutions for chemicals and other liquid bulk products.  Leasing newer lightweight, durable equipment offers better fuel economy. Frequently requested features such as full-length walkways and lift-kits for chassis, or vapor recovery for tank trailers are available.

Matlack supplies trailers, equipment and chassis leasing for the following products and industries:

  • Acids 
  • Agricultural Chemical Products (Agrichemicals)
  • Asphalt Products  
  • Bulk Liquid Haulers 
  • Chemical Distributors 
  • Chemical Manufacturers 
  • Consumer Products
  • Environmental Services
  • Food Grade Liquids 
  • Logistics Service Providers (3PL, 4PL, 5PL)  
  • Oil, Gas and Refining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Waste Management
  • And more…  

The Matlack Leasing Difference

Matlack Leasing offers:

  • Flexible tank trailer and chassis leasing terms
  • Financial saving and risk reduction assistance
  • Quality customized specialty equipment for lease

At Matlack Leasing, we offer much more than a nationwide fleet of tank trailers and tank chassis. We build long-lasting relationships with customers large and small by providing the best customer service in the industry. This includes working with customer accounting and billing departments in addition to building relationships with fleet operations managers.

Example 1. A global Oil & Gas service provider had a project in the Bakken shale region where a bulk liquid was being transferred from carrier trailers to the customer’s trailers for storage.

Matlack Leasing worked with an outside repair facility to provide new and modified DOT 407s with a self-contained heating system. This eliminated the need for a separate tractor, generator, or other external heating source.  The outside repair facility also developed a unique full-length collapsible handrail system for safer access to the top of the unit.  These modifications resulted in significant financial savings and reduced down-time for the customer

Example 2. Matlack worked with the accounting team of a multinational chemical manufacturer in order to develop an invoicing system to allocate lease payments to the appropriate facility or cost center which also had the added benefit of streamlining payment processing. Matlack is committed to working with customers to achieve their business goals.     

Tank Chassis and Drop Frame Chassis Leasing

Our available fleet for tank chassis leasing is economical, lightweight and durable. Our tank chassis are designed with a low center of gravity to provide greater stability and to limit rollovers and maintain safety on the road. The existing fleet includes a selection of axle configurations that ensures easy usage, maintenance, and safety. Our large tank chassis or drop frame chassis are available to lease across the country for the efficient transportation of bulk liquid tank containers nationwide.

Tank Trailer Leasing

Tank trailer leasing is available at locations around the country to meet customers’ needs. Matlack’s fleet of tank trailers includes MC 307, DOT 407, MC 312, DOT 412, and MC 331. In addition, other specialty trailers with vacuum tank trailers, chemical tank trailers, and compartmental tank trailers are also available for lease. We’re willing to work with manufacturers and third parties to customize equipment to meet customer specifications. Our inventory varies, so call 1-800-MATLACK to find out what’s in inventory when you’re ready to lease.

Count on Matlack Leasing to provide only the highest quality service and the highest quality product. Call Matlack Leasing at 1-800-MATLACK or contact us today for all your bulk transportation equipment. Tell us your specifications and Matlack Leasing will manage the rest!         

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