Drop Frame Tank Chassis for Lease

Matlack Leasing has all your bulk liquid storage and transportation equipment needs covered. Our durable lightweight drop frames chassis are available for lease at depots nationwide. The existing fleet includes a selection of axle configurations and additional features for safety, maintenance, and ease of use. 

Manage the efficient transportation of bulk liquid tank containers with our extensive fleet of tank chassis which are economical, lightweight, and durable. These chassis are designed with a low center of gravity to provide greater stability during the transport of bulk liquid payloads. Lease a drop frame chassis to minimize rollover and maximize safety on the road. Matlack Leasing offers flexible terms for chassis leasing on equipment available nationwide.

Matlack Leasing’s tank chassis

Drop Frame Tank Chassis Specifications

Matlack’s fleet consists of drop frame chassis for the transport of one loaded liquid bulk tank container and Hi/Lo’s which carry one loaded or two empty tank containers. Available axle configurations include:

Tandem Wide
Spread-Axle Tank Chassis

Tandem Wide Spread-Axle Trailer Chassis

Closed Tandem
Drop Frame Tank Chassis

Closed Tandem Drop Frame Trailer Chassis

Tri-Axle Drop Frame Tank Chassis with Extendable Slider

Tri-Axle Drop Frame Trailer Chassis with Extendable Slider

Our drop frame tank chassis fleet includes units with the following specifications:

  • Maximum rear height of 44 inches
  • GCWR: 80,000 lbs.
  • TARE WEIGHT: 6,750 lbs. to 7,820 lbs. (+/- 3%)
  • RADIAL TIRES: 255 / 70R22.5

Select units are built with additional equipment, for example:  

  • Hi-Lo Chassis for transporting one (1) loaded or two (2) empty ISO tank containers
  • Tilt / Lift-Kit for ease of loading and unloading
  • PSI System for maintaining proper tire inflation. Therefore, extending tire life
  • A full-length mesh walkway for safety
  • Rear step-on access via an integrated bumper for ease of use

For Faster Tank Chassis Leasing let us know:

When and where do you need equipment?
What will the equipment be used for?

Contact our team of tank chassis and tank trailer experts at 1-800-MATLACK. Send us your equipment specifications and ask about currently available existing fleet units for lease at a depot location near you.

Tri-Axle Drop Frame Trailer Chassis with Extendable Slider

Have More Time? Specify Tank Chassis With Product Specific Modifications

Our relationships with major manufacturers have lasted for over 25 years making Matlack the number one choice for leasing new transportation equipment. Matlack offers leasing options for approved customers with long-term equipment leasing needs on new equipment. New equipment may be shipped directly from the factory.

Trailer Chassis

FAQs on Drop Frame Chassis

No, Matlack Leasing does not lease or sell marine or drybox chassis, also called container chassis. Matlack Leasing does offer dropframe tank chassis for lease.

ISO tank containers availability is extremely limited, please call 800-MATLACK for current inventory.

The minimum Automobile General Liability insurance coverage required for chassis leasing is $5 million in coverage.  Supplemental umbrella coverage is permitted.