Specialty freight makes up about 20% of trucking industry revenue in the United States, with bulk liquid transportation representing the majority of this 20%.  Seemingly unrelated industries ranging from farming to aviation and mining to chemicals, rely on the movement of bulk liquid freight in order to conduct business. However, there is a wide variation in the chemical properties and hazards posed by the liquids these industries require in order to perform their operations. The farming industry relies heavily on fertilizers and pesticides, whereas aviation relies on the transport of jet fuel. Each category of liquids; chemical, fuels, etc. has its own set of transportation requirements and standards that must be met in order to safely and efficiently transport it from one location to the next.

What is Customization and Flexibility in Bulk Liquid Transportation

Customization and flexibility encompass the ability of the manufacturer, distributor or a bulk liquid transport intermediary to meet the needs of their clients.  This requires transporting the liquid in a manner that is cost effective, yet safe, and meets (or exceeds) industry standards and also complies with government regulations. Achieving these conflicting goals can pose a challenge.

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Delivering liquid freight also requires compliance with industry standards that promote product longevity, quality and minimize the risk of contamination.  In addition, federal and state regulations must be adhered to when it comes to transporting hazardous materials, pharmaceuticals and food grade products. There is a notable amount of preparation and organization that goes into planning these shipments, including the selection of the proper tanks, trailers, chassis and related equipment for transporting the specific freight. A flexible transporter will have a variety of equipment available in order to meet load requirements, while also meeting time constraints, budgets and other special requests the client might have.  For equipment to be customized for a specific product, sufficient lead time must be allocated.

Equipment used in Bulk Liquid Transportation

The Tank Container

The tank container is the vessel where the liquid is stored during transit. There are a variety of tank containers that can be used for bulk liquid transportation.  Tanks can have one or more compartments to transport different grades of liquid products in one shipment. Tanks may also vary in their loading and unloading points, typically on top, in the rear, or underneath the tank.  Tanks can also be insulated or pressurized to keep the liquid at a stable condition during transportation. Lastly, tanks come in a few standard sizes for meeting bulk liquid transportation requirements.

The Tank Chassis

The tank chassis is a specific equipment frame designed to transport tank containers.  Tank chassis may also be referred to as drop frame chassis or tank container chassis.  The key features of a tank chassis which make it the ideal equipment carrier for tank containers are a lower frame which gives the equipment a lower center of gravity to improve stability, the axle configuration, and the latches and frame which secure the tank container.  To lease a tank chassis for bulk liquid transportation, contact Matlack Leasing LLC.

The Tank Trailer

The tank trailer is a single unit which includes both the tank container and the tank chassis.  It has both the functionality of containers and the ability to transport them, similar to chassis. The benefits of a tank trailer are they only have to lease one piece of equipment making the solution more cost effective.  However, the equipment is less flexible since you cannot remove the container from the chassis.

Choose Matlack Leasing for Bulk Liquid Transportation Equipment

Matlack Leasing LLC provides bulk liquid transportation equipment. With tank trailers, tank chassis and specialty equipment leasing, Matlack Leasing has everything you need for bulk liquid transportation. To learn more about how Matlack Leasing can support your transportation needs, read our case studies and contact us today!

The Importance of Customization and Flexibility in Bulk Liquid Transportation
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The Importance of Customization and Flexibility in Bulk Liquid Transportation
Bulk liquid transportation companies benefit from available, customizable and flexible transportation equipment to meet customer needs.
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