Liquid Bulk Tank Trailer Leasing

Matlack Leasing has a diverse fleet of available tank trailers ready to serve the liquid bulk transportation needs of our customers. Matlack’s tank trailer fleet includes MC 307s, DOT 407s, MC 312s, DOT 412s, and MC 331 trailers. In addition, vacuum tank trailers, compartmental tank trailers and other specialty trailers are available for lease. Whether your transportation route is cross-country or regional, or even if you just need a little extra in-plant storage capacity, Matlack stands behind our equipment with 25-years of bulk liquid transportation experience, expertise, and industry relationships.  Matlack’s fleet of tank trailers is available for lease at port cities and transportation hubs nationwide. Consider Matlack Leasing your equipment specialist now and for the long-term. 

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Previously leased tank trailers are readily available to qualified customers for the storage and transport of bulk liquids. Orders are often made for new equipment based on market conditions. Matlack will also work with qualified customers to facilitate the leasing of customized trailers to meet a unique need.

Lined Bulk Tank Trailers

Tank trailers may be leased with options to meet client specifications such as tank liners, insulation, vapor recovery, and/or heating and cooling.  Matlack also offers tank trailers with rear, top, or bottom loading.

Liner options previously requested by customers and supplied by Matlack include:

  • Chlorobutyl rubber liner
  • Natural rubber lining
  • Plasite® linings
  • ChemLINE®️️ lining
  • PTFE
  • Contact us for other specifications
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DOT 407s & MC 307s

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Lease DOT 407s and MC 307s for bulk liquid transportation of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or food grade products.

DOT 412s & MC 312s

Chemical Tank Trailer Leasing

Lease chemicals tank trailers (DOT 412s or MC 312s) for bulk liquid transportation and storage of acids and corrosives.

Specialty Tank Trailers


Quickly secure the use of specialty tank trailers and equipment for local, regional, and nationwide hauling opportunities.

Our Tank Trailer Leasing Comes with Personal Service for Any Industry

Leading companies in industries such as chemical manufacturing, distribution, and logistics, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical distribution, waste management, and even edible liquids choose Matlack Leasing’s tank trailers for their reliability, economy, and convenience.  However, we understand that what matters most is the relationships we have with our customers, our employees, and industry associates. Matlack’s team of equipment experts is always ready to deliver fast friendly personal service and equipment expertise.  Lease from a company trusted by the industry for 25-years, Matlack Leasing.

Ready to Lease a Tank Trailer?

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For faster bulk tank trailer leasing, please have the following information available:

  • When and where do you need equipment?
  • What will the equipment be used for?
  • What can you tell us about your product? Is it an oil or petroleum product? Is it acidic or corrosive?
  • What is the liquid volume to be transported?
  • Is heating or cooling required?
Matlack Leasing’s tank trailer