MC 312 Trailers and DOT 412 Chemical Tank Trailers

Matlack Leasing has over 25 years of experience leasing MC 312 and DOT 412’s. These chemical tank trailers are used for hauling the toughest corrosive and acidic liquids. Leasing quality chemical transport equipment intended for hauling up to 5500 gallons of hazardous liquids requires industry knowledge and expertise. Matlack Leasing is a trusted name whose sales and operations team has decades of experience working with chemical manufacturers, distributors, and logistics companies to provide appropriate, durable, high-quality equipment at competitive lease rates. While we often work with chemical manufacturers and chemical distributors to supply equipment to multiple plant sites nationwide, we are just as committed to providing the same expertise and personal service to local, regional, and specialized niche firms.

MC 312 Trailers and DOT 412 Chemical Trailers

MC 312 and DOT 412 Bulk Liquid Chemical Tank Trailers

Our nationwide fleet includes stainless steel and carbon steel tank trailers with a variety of options in demand by industry. MC 312 trailers and DOT 412 chemical tank trailers may be delivered unlined and uninsulated, but we will also work with customers to meet their specifications for these optional features.  Matlack Leasing routinely provides DOT 412 lined tank trailers, at our customer’s request and per their specifications.

Typical Specifications for MC 312 – DOT 412 Chemical Trailers:

MC 312 – DOT 412 Trailer
  • 3,000 – 5,500 gallons
  • MAWP of 35 PSI
  • Max Loading Temp. of 150 deg. F
  • Max weight 16 lbs./gallon

DOT 412 Trailer Options:

Matlack’s DOT 412 Trailer
  • Steam Heat Capable
  • Tank Linings 
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Overfill Protection
  • Center off-loading

Example Liner Materials for Chemical Tank Trailers

Matlack has worked with manufacturers, customers, and post-production fabricators to install the following types of tank liners in MC 312 or DOT 412 chemical tank trailers, per customer specifications:

  • Chlorobutyl rubber liner
  • Natural rubber lining
  • Plasite® linings
  • ChemLINE®️️ lining
  • PTFE
Matlack’s MC 312 or DOT 412 Trailer

Chemical Transport Equipment – Tank Trailer Leasing with Matlack

At Matlack Leasing, we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction, which is why we provide one of the youngest average-aged fleets in the industry. We take pride in providing a wide selection of DOT 412 tank trailers and in making these chemical tank trailers available for lease nationwide. 

Our sales professionals are industry experts, backed by years of experience within the tank trailer leasing industry and they are prepared to assist you with leasing the right equipment. We will also assist you with positioning equipment where it’s needed.

Chemical Tank Trailer Leasing

DOT 412 Chemical Tank Trailer Case Study

In 2015, Matlack Leasing, LLC approached a global chemical manufacturer offering them a solution to safely transport Benzyl Chloride, a chlorotoluene solvent.  A collaborative effort between the customer, a specialized tank lining company, our depot, and Matlack resulted in successful materials testing and the implementation of a long-lasting solution to transport this hazardous bulk liquid.

The solution consisted of installing a specialized CHEMLINE 784/32 lining in several DOT 412 chemical tank trailers to reduce the likelihood of pitting in the tank barrel.  In addition, specialized piping was added to make offloading more efficient while reducing the chance of leaks or exposure.  The solution is scalable, and we provide additional tank trailers to the fleet as product demand increases. 

Industry and product knowledge spanning over 25 years enables Matlack Leasing to routinely facilitate discussions between customers, manufacturers, and vendors to solve difficult equipment challenges related to bulk liquid transport.

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