Special Purpose Trailers for Lease

Industrial uses require the transportation and storage of bulk liquids whose chemical properties present unique challenges. These materials in their liquid state may be hazardous or require special handling. Whether the material releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs), requires high (or low) temperatures, or should be kept under pressure in order to preserve fluid properties the acquisition of “Specials” requires special planning.    

Fortunately, Matlack Leasing is here to assist with the leasing of special-purpose trailers to meet customer-specific opportunities and challenges.

MC 331 special PP9400 Matlack 1600 gal 265 psi - blurred - edited

Examples of Specials previously provided by Matlack Leasing include:

Vacuum Tank Trailers for Lease

Vacuum tank trailers safely store and transport large loads of residential or industrial waste, chemicals, or other contents of liquid, solid, slurry, or sludge consistency.  Matlack Leasing’s vacuum units include either a self-contained pumping system or an industrial-strength vacuum attachment, that pneumatically loads and unloads contents.  Vacuum trailers have a capacity that ranges from 4,800 gallons to 5,500 gallons.

Matlack Leasing has satisfied customers throughout North America by providing equipment lease terms for routine and more complex bulk liquid transportation equipment.  For qualified customers, Matlack Leasing will assist with the leasing of Specialty Trailers.    

Our wide range of experience with “specials” includes solutions for storage and transport of corrosive chemicals requiring lined tanks, many of which are specially designed for use in oil fields, chemical manufacturing, and other industrial uses.


We frequently speak with manufacturers throughout North America to provide our customers with equipment that includes the most requested new features for fuel efficiency, safety, and lower maintenance costs. Let Matlack’s fast personal service and equipment expertise assist you with procuring the tank trailers and tank chassis to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.  

Compartment Trailers

Matlack Leasing provides single and multi-compartment tank trailers for bulk liquid transport to a variety of industries. Our compartment tank trailers come in 3-, 4-, or 5- compartment trailer configurations. Our compartment tanks are insulated with heat channels. Compartment trailers are often used to transport different batches of a product or different chemical compositions of the same material.

Storage Tank Trailer

MC 331 High-Pressure Tank Trailers

MC 331 Tank Trailers contain and transport propane, butane, and other pressurized and liquefied gases. Other products that may require pressure tank vessels include refrigerant gas, anhydrous ammonia, and methyl chloride. Matlack Leasing’s MC 331 Tank Trailers are sized from 5,200 – 10,600 gallons.

MC 331 special PP9400 Matlack 1600 gal 265 psi - blurred - edited

Asphalt and Hot Product Trailers

For jobs requiring transport, storage, and handling of asphalt, Matlack Leasing, LLC has worked with customers on the acquisition of asphalt trailers. These trailers may include variable reheating systems for longer distances, as well as hot asphalt and emulsion capabilities at the customer’s request. Unloading at the job site is enhanced with gravity flow units.

There are numerous considerations for hot product transportation equipment so be sure to contact an expert that specializes in this area. These considerations include, but are not limited to:

  • Trailer Weight – lightweight trailers can carry higher payloads
  • Barrel Materials – carbon steel or aluminum depending on the application
  • Barrel Seams – minimize the number of barrel seams to improve durability and lower maintenance costs
  • Heat Options – piping, insulation, pumping, and more
  • Operating Temperature Range

When the safe and stable transport of hot materials is required, Matlack Leasing provides knowledgeable sales representatives to work with the customer and the equipment manufacturer to provide the right solution.

FAQs about Chemical Transportation Equipment

Our fleet has a very limited supply of liquid natural gas (LNG) trailers. Please contact us for current information.