Asphalt Trailers and Tank Trailer Leasing - Matlack Leasing

For jobs requiring transport, storage and handling of hot liquids, Matlack Leasing, LLC has the asphalt trailers and tank trailers you need to get the job done. Made out of carbon steel, every hot tank trailer and asphalt trailer is designed and built according to FHWA, DOT and customer specifications. When the safe and stable transport of hot materials is required, Matlack Leasing provides knowledgeable sales representatives to work with the customer and the equipment provider to provide the right solution.

The equipment may include options for variable reheating systems for longer distances, as well as hot asphalt and emulsion capabilities at the customer’s request. Unloading at the job site is enhanced with gravity flow units.

Matlack’s Asphalt Tank Trailers

We can provide the financial flexibility for custom built equipment when the opportunity arises. When it comes to asphalt trailers, remember Matlack is the source for your equipment leasing and lease purchase needs.

If you have questions regarding Asphalt tank Trailers, contact us today or give us a call at 1-800-MATLACK.