Modern Tank Trailer and Tank Chassis Safety Features

407 trailer with automatic guard rail

When Leasing Tank Trailers and Tank Chassis Consider Safety.

There is no such thing as “too safe” especially for tank trailers and tank chassis. Manufacturers of bulk liquid transportation equipment are quick to incorporate proven safety design improvements into new equipment models. What are some of the safety concerns being addressed by today’s designers? Let’s take a look at some recent tank trailer and tank chassis safety features.

Improved Visibility

Drivers and vehicles benefit from being seen, in the daylight as well as at night. By adding equipment to enhance visibility, other motorists see large liquid bulk transport equipment coming at a greater distance. Both tank trailers and tank chassis equipment make use of super bright LED lights which are whiter and have a higher intensity than standard lights. They also save energy.

Running reflective tape along most of the trailer or chassis also makes the equipment more visible. Motorists are soon aware that they are coming up on a high, wide and heavy vehicle, or that one is approaching. The motorists should then adjust their speed to accommodate mergers and lane changes and more readily assess when they are beyond the tank trailer during passing.

Adding a third rear stop light in the center between the standard brake lights also provides motorists with a highly visible trigger. This third light serves as a signal to nearby drivers that the vehicle in front of them is slowing down and that they should allow for sufficient stopping distance. The heavier vehicle may need time to come to a complete stop and will take longer to get moving again.

Improved Tire Safety

A blown tire is one of the most visible causes of on the road accidents. Who has not seen (and had to avoid) rubber tire fragments lying alongside the roadway, or worse, in the middle of the driving lane. To minimize this risk, tank trailers come equipped with an automatic tire inflation system (ATIS). The ATIS monitors tire psi and self-inflates tires which have a low pressure. Maintaining proper tire pressure reduces the risk of a flat tire and it also promotes more even wear of the tire treads improving gas mileage and tire longevity. It’s also important to avoid the use of retread tires to minimize the chances of a blowout.

Improved Breaking

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) is standard equipment and has been required on tank chassis and tank trailers since 1994. More recently, fleet managers and drivers are looking for extended life brake-shoes which are thicker than standard brake-shoes. Extended life brake-shoes are made of better material and last longer than older model brake shoes reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Operator Safety

It’s not just about the safety of the driver and the other motorists. Promoting the safety of operators and maintenance workers is also being addressed by liquid bulk transportation equipment designers.

For liquid bulk transportation equipment, ladders, walkways, and handrails provide handholds, non-slip surfaces, and fall protection for operators requiring access to the top of the trailer. Handrails provide fall protection, particularly important when work needs to be done under adverse weather conditions. Top folding and automated guardrail options are also available for safety and convenience. Walkways come in a variety of configurations including two-O’clock walkways, three-O’clock walkways, and full-length walkways.

Matlack is Committed to Providing Quality Liquid Bulk Transportation Equipment

Matlack acquires liquid bulk transportation equipment with the safety features required at the time of purchase. We strive to be on the cutting edge of chassis and trailer safety equipment modifications and solutions as they become available. In addition, we work with manufacturers and vendors to address customer-specific requirements for walkways, handrails, and other add-ons to promote safer operations.

Our decades of experience acquiring, and leasing liquid bulk transportation equipment means we have developed the relationships necessary to stay informed of equipment advancements. Our clients are committed to safety, and we are proud to do our part on behalf of the drivers and operators who use our equipment every day.

Contact 1-800-MATLACK for information on new developments in tank trailers and tank chassis.

Check that your Fleet has the Following Safety Equipment:

  • Tank Trailer and Chassis Safety:
  • LED lights
  • 100 % reflective tape
  • Extended life brake shoes
  • ABS system
  • PSI tire inflation system

Tank Trailer Safety:

  • Safety ladders and handrails
  • 3rd stop light.