The Importance of Chemical Trailers and Chemical Transport Equipment in Houston, TX

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The Houston area is home to the largest petrochemical manufacturing region in the United States, making The Port of Houston, the largest exporter of petroleum, oil, and chemical products. It is the nation’s largest port by waterborne tonnage and it’s about to get even busier with a $142,515,000 investment from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). These IIJA funds will build what is known as “Phase 3 of Project 11”.

Houston’s Port and Transportation Infrastructure

The Port of Houston manages the Houston ship channel complex which consists of approximately 200 public and private terminals. Project 11 consists of a six (6) phase program to upgrade the waterways and infrastructure in the region ranging from Galveston Bay to Houston, TX. The program includes widening, dredging, and modernizing the shipping channel which connects these terminals. Infrastructure investments of $1.4 billion over a five (5) year period and up to $4 billion over the next 20 years will be required in order to accommodate expected demographic growth and larger shipping vessels arriving in Houston through the widened Panama Canal. The Port of Houston website illustrates numerous safety and environmental benefits from the project as well as expected contributions to economic growth.

These Additional benefits include:

  • Channel Expansion: deeper, wider, and safer channels will accommodate larger vessels.
  • Increased Cargo: maximizing operational performance and material handling in order to support growth.
  • Community Involvement: stakeholder partnering and improvements to resource allocation and management.
  • Change: integrating new trends and technology to add value, promote sustainability, and improve resilience.

The expected growth will increase the number of intermodal containers, liquid bulk tank containers, petroleum products, and related chemicals which will be transported through the Port of Houston, TX, and a corresponding need for an increase in chemical transport equipment.

The Advantages of Leasing Liquid Bulk Transport Equipment in the Houston Area

As construction of the Houston area ports, terminals, and infrastructure repairs are completed, the need for equipment to transport liquid bulk products will also increase. Expect an even higher demand for tank chassis and chemical trailers, such as MC 307s, DOT 407s, 412s, or drop-frame ISO tank chassis to move the inbound and outbound cargo.

Working with a local lessor to procure the necessary chemical transport equipment for your business offers flexibility during construction, additional storage space when needed, and a partner to rapidly expand your fleet post-construction. For chemical manufacturers, distributors, and logistics companies, building relationships now will provide the equipment required to take advantage of future business opportunities flowing through the Port of Houston and in the gulf coast region.

Port of Houston

Important Chemical Transport Equipment Considerations

MC 307s and DOT 407’s are the most requested tank trailer models for chemical transport due to their stability, load-bearing capacity, and stainless-steel tanks which may be linked in order to accommodate specific chemical products.

Also, keep in mind these key considerations when transporting bulk chemicals along the Gulf Coast:

  • Safely Transport Chemicals: Chemical transportation equipment must have all required safety features. Always use the proper equipment for your product and route.
  • Know and Follow State and Route Specific Regulations: Have an experienced driver/operator who knows and follows state and federal regulations for safety, transportation, storage, and handling of hazardous materials.
  • Natural Disasters: Hurricanes and flooding events often occur along the Gulf coast. Less common events such as snow or ice may also occur. When transporting chemicals, it’s important to know forecasted weather conditions, emergency routes, and parking areas that will accommodate chemical trailers and tank chassis in an emergency.

Contact the experienced chemical transportation equipment providers at Matlack Leasing, LLC and discuss the advantages of leasing chemical transport equipment from a local company like Matlack Leasing. Spread-axle drop-frame tank chassis and DOT 407s are available in the Houston area to meet your transportation equipment needs. Our equipment is road-ready and will meet or exceed industry standards. Contact Matlack Leasing’s team at or call 1-800-MATLACK for industry knowledge, convenient depot locations, flexible lease terms, and personal service.