Matlack Leasing specializes tank trailer leasing, specifically the equipment and financing of chemical and bulk liquid tank trailers for storage and transport. Our fleet includes trailers for use in chemical products or food grade products, and we have a large selection of DOT 407 & 412 trailers available nationwide. Our fleet of chemical tank trailers can be leased with options such as lined or unlined, insulated or non-insulated to meet customer specifications. Whether you need a chemical tank trailer that unloads from the center, top, or rear, we have you covered. Our chemical trailers range in size from 5,000 to 8,000 gallons, and come in either single compartment or multi-compartment varieties include 2-5 compartments in your choice of configuration. We often apply linings to our ISO tanks, specifically ChemLine, Chlorobutyl, Derekane, PTFE (Teflon), or Plasite products.  Alternative linings may be applied at customer request for safe transport.

Tank Trailers Leasing

The transportation and storage of bulk liquids, commodity and corrosive chemicals and flammable products poses risks to workers, end users and the environment. Matlack takes pride in providing reliable equipment for the transportation and storage of bulk liquids and chemicals.  For the past 25 years, Matlack Leasing has worked to provide each client with appropriate tank trailers, chassis, and a lease plans that meets their needs and budget. In addition, all of our tank trailers and chassis meet applicable DOT standards.

Matlack’s tank trailer fleet includes a wide selection of DOT 407s, DOT 412s, MC 307s, MC 312s and MC 331 trailers. We work collaboratively with vendors and clients in order to customize tank trailers to meet the client’s specific requirements for transporting their products. We have provided tanks with add-ons such as liners and pumps.  In addition, our tank trailers may be fitted with with extended manways, platforms, ladders and hydraulic handrails for safety and ease of access. Our team approach leads to successful problem solving and to providing timely equipment.

We routinely assist our clients with leasing (or a lease purchase) of equipment to meet specific customer requirements. Vacuum tanks, asphalt tanks and hydrogen peroxide tanks are examples of the specialized equipment we have been able to accelerate the utilization of through the on-time delivery of tank trailers that are immediately ready for use.

Vacuum Tank Trailers for Lease

When you are looking for a vacuum tank trailer for lease that meets the safety and transportation regulations for residual waste, chemicals, caustics and other hazardous substances, look no further than Matlack Leasing, LLC. Choose from stainless steel or carbon steel vacuum tank trailers with optional self-contained pumping systems and a capacity of 4,800 gallons to 5,500 gallons.

Chemical Tank Trailers for Bulk Liquid Storage and In-Plant Transport

Matlack Leasing has in reserve a fleet of older model (15 – 20 year) tank trailers for in-plant use.  This equipment is available at a lower lease rate than our newer models and provides an ideal solution for lowering the cost of equipment needed for in-plant storage and transport commodity chemicals and caustics without the capital expense of a new purchase.

Every day, our expert sales team puts their extensive experience to work for each and every client to outfit them with the tank trailer that fits their needs.  Our nationwide distribution provides equipment when you need it, wherever you need it in North America.  We can handle your chemical trailer and other tank trailer equipment needs

Tank Chassis and Chemical Trailers for Any Industry

We are happy to lease our chemical trailers long-term to a large variety of industries for bulk liquid transport and storage.

Choose a chemical tank trailer for any petroleum product, hazardous materials, acids and corrosive materials, chlorine, or other bulk liquid product. If chemical trailers are what you’re interested in, our staff can help you choose the right equipment for your industry.  We have the expertise and industry contacts to find the best solution for the transportation and storage of bulk liquids.

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