Vacuum Tank Trailer and LPG Tank Trailer- Matlack Leasing Matlack Leasing is a leading nationwide lessor of vacuum tank trailers, asphalt tank trailers, high-pressure gas, chemical, and LPG tank trailers. We supply tank trailers made from the sturdiest materials and that incorporate the most current technologies and safety features. All our products meet or surpass industry standards. Our expert staff is standing by to help you select the best tank trailer for your needs. Whether you’re transporting dry or liquid bulk, asphalt, hazardous or nonhazardous chemicals, liquefied petroleum gas, or other content, we have the best tank trailer for the job available for lease.

We also make modifications to standard existing tanks and specialize in tank trailer design. Our customized tank transport can handle all your unique requirements and concerns. Using your product and distribution information, we tailor a lease that’s perfect for you. Matlack Leasing is focused on the flexibility necessary to satisfy your specific needs.

Vacuum Tank Trailers for Lease

Matlack Leasing provides stainless and carbon steel independent containers to lease for longer periods of time. Vacuum tank trailers span in capacity from 4,800 gal to 5,500 gal, depending on your needs.

Vacuum tank trailers safely store and transport large loads of residential or caustic waste, chemicals, or other contents of liquid, solid, slurry, or sludge consistency. An industrial-strength vacuum attachment pneumatically loads and unloads content. Our durable tanks range in size from 4,800 to 5,500 gallons for when standard vacuum trucks lack the necessary capacity. Choose from stainless steel or carbon steel tank composition. Our vacuum tank trailers can handle any contents you need to move.

Vacuum Tank Trailer Uses

Vacuum tank trailers are the ideal vessel for transporting residual or caustic waste, chemicals, and other hazardous substances. Many of our vacuum units are self-contained thus you do not need an additional pump on the tractor. Our high quality standards and well-organized process ensures that your project is complete on time, every time.

If you’re looking to lease state-of-the-art vacuum tank trailers, asphalt tank trailers, high-pressure gas trailers, specialty trailers, or LPG tank trailers, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-MATLACK.