For more than 20 years, Matlack Leasing has made it their mission to lease or finance equipment for lease purchase ISO tank containers to store and transport bulk liquid products and meet customer specifications. Our Food Grade Tanks, T-50 Refrigerant Gas / Ammonia / LPG Tanks or T-11 Tank Containers will facilitate the safe transport and storage of bulk liquid products for a wide variety of industries. ISO Tank Container requirements may vary. Contact us to discuss customization and pricing to meet a specific need.


T-11 Tank Container Leasing- Maltack Leasing

T-11 Tank Containers

A tank container is made for liquid chemical transportation and general chemical storage. Matlack Leasing’s expanded fleet offers containers in various designs and capacities so that we can provide an appropriate unit to meet your needs. Each tank container meets rigorous testing standards to match regulatory requirements. Tank containers may handle flammable, toxic, corrosive liquid & solid substances and hazardous & non-hazardous materials.


Food Grade Tank Leasing- Matlack Leasing

Food Grade Tank Containers

Transporting food grade liquid products requires careful planning and the right equipment to prevent contamination or spoilage. On-time delivery is always important, but never more so than with the transportation and storage of food products. Logistics companies that specialize in the transport of edible liquids understand the need for reliable equipment. Matlack Leasing’s food grade tanks are well suited to storing and transporting these products.

Our food grade tanks are built to comply with regulations for safe transportation, and we will work with the client and leading manufacturers to provide product specific add-ons such as liners and / or hot or cold temperature controls. Only food grade tanks are used for edible foods products.

Matlack Leasing’s tanks are optimal for transporting or storage of a variety of food grade liquid products including: oils, sweeteners, starches, and cornstarch. Matlack Leasing can purchase for your account a variety of specialized tanks including tanks may include refrigeration, additional insulation, and addition heat channels.

These containers are dedicated for the transport and storage of food grade cargo intended for human consumption. They come in a variety of capacities and can be built to meet customer specifications.

  • Tank Trailers: 6,500- 7,000 gallon capacity insulated with heat channels
  • ISO Tanks Containers: 24,000 Liters insulated with heat channels
  • Tanks may be polished to a 4W finish
  • 316L stainless steel with stainless steel valves for easy cleaning


T-50 Refrigerant Gas / Ammonia / LPG Tank Container Leasing- Matlack Leasing

T-50 Refrigerant Gas / Ammonia / LPG Tank Containers

These tanks are easy to operate complying to the UN Portable T50 regulations for these products. The product range is from 7.0–34.8 bar and from 17,000-24,500 Liters with or without baffles.

The above information is an average representation of technical data. Please consult your Matlack Leasing, LLC representative for more specific data.

Lined Tanks

If its lined tanks that you’re searching for, look no further.  Matlack’s experienced sales team will work with you and the tank manufacturer to select an appropriate tank lining for your product, install it and deliver it on-time.  Our lined tanks incorporate the latest technology and highest quality standards.

The above information is an average representation of technical data. Please consult your Matlack Leasing, LLC representative for more specific data.

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