Matlack Leasing has all your tank container storage and transport needs covered. We have the sturdiest lightweight drop frame and storage ISO tank chassis available for lease. Use a tank chassis to stabilize tanks holding non-hazardous liquid content. If you’re moving bulk liquids in ISO tanks like: oil or alcohol, acids or corrosive agents, petroleum or other liquefied gas, chlorine, refrigerants, liquid waste, flammable fluids, or other contents of liquid consistency, you need an ISO tank chassis.

Our tank chassis are the lightest weight and the most durable and space-efficient models you’ll find for lease. Tank chassis lower the center of gravity to offer greater stability of liquid loads that may shift while in motion. Use them to minimize rollover and other risks during transport and to maximize safety on the road. Matlack Leasing offers ISO tank container chassis nationwide. We offer a variety of tank container chassis for over the road transport, both spread axle and tandems, with or without lift kits. Today’s tank container chassis are lighter, safer and more space efficient than ever.

Tank Chassis for Lease

Drop Frame Tank Chassis Leasing- Matlack Leasing

Drop Frame Tank Chassis for Lease

Our drop frame tank chassis are reinforced for additional durability and provide a low center of gravity and stability during transport of liquid cargo. Choose a tandem axle configuration or a spread axle configuration.

Lightweight drop frame tank chassis may be requested with the following features:

  • A full length mesh walkway
  • Rear Step-on access via. an Integrated bumper design
  • Lift-kits
  • Ship direct from the factory
ISO Tank Storage Chassis Leasing- Matlack Leasing

ISO Tank Storage Chassis for Lease

Use our drop frame chassis for storage of tanks containing bulk liquid contents. These chassis are perfect for in-plant storage or short hauls. They enable flexible storage of tanks with features that make handling bulk liquid feed stock, intermediates and final products easier.

In addition, we lease vacuum tank trailers, asphalt tank trailers, LPG tank trailers, food-grade and chemical trailers tanks, ISO tank containers, stainless steel tank trailers, and more. We’re your one-stop shop for bulk liquid transport and storage equipment.



If you need to lease a drop frame tank chassis or storage chassis and a tank for liquid transport or storage, please get in touch by calling 1-800-MATLACK. A sales representative will be happy to discuss your specific requirements so we can provide you with well-suited and cost-effective equipment that meets your needs.