Can the Logistics Industry be “Uber-ized”? And If So, Will It Happen?

The success of the Lyft and Uber business models for basic taxi services has excited shipper and consumer expectations. Technology can deliver “faster than fast” service and delivery! Logistics industry experts are predicting similar web-enabled on-demand services to emerge for the transportation of freight across the country. The potential for “on-call” consolidation of freight shipments … Continued

3PL, 4PL or 5PL Logistic Services, What’s the Difference?

4PL and 5PL logistics service providers are on the rise. How do these firms differ from the supply chain and transportation industry’s more common 3PLs, the third-party logistics providers? The differences between these types of logistics firms are confusing and often debated even amongst industry experts, but here are the basics to get you started. … Continued

Upcoming National Association of Chemical Distributors Conference

Representatives from Matlack Leasing, LLC will be attending the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) Conference which is just a week away. As always, we look forward to all this event has to offer. This conference is a great opportunity for members of the chemical manufacturing and transport community including warehouses, distributors, chemical intermediate manufacturers, … Continued

J. Mark Longenecker Promoted to General Manager

Matlack Leasing LLC and Penn Intermodal Leasing LLC are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Longenecker as General Manager of both companies.  Mr. Longenecker was brought in as Finance Manager of Penn and Matlack in 2015. In April 2017, he was promoted to Director of Operations and Customer Service. Mark Longenecker has over 30 years of … Continued