Matlack Leasing provides ISO tank containers, tank chassis and cargo tank trailers to industrial companies which depend on the storage and movement of bulk liquids. Standard equipment with routine modifications is provided by lease. A lease purchase agreement may be arranged for equipment with specialized modifications in order to meet customer specific requirements. Matlack equipment specialists will work with customer representatives and manufacturers to secure the optimal product specific tanks, tank trailers and chassis.

Our primary focus is to service all aspects of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries from manufacturers who use our products for on-site storage of liquid raw materials and chemical intermediaries to logistics providers and ISO tank intermodal truckers responsible for the transport of finished products. Matlack’s ISO tanks and equipment are suitable for transport within the United States and for export globally.

In addition to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Matlack customers include, but are not limited to:

  • Chemical Industry (manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Waste Management
  • Food Grade Liquids
  • Logistics Providers
  • ISO Tank Intermodal Truckers
  • Tank Operators
  • Bulk Liquid Transporters

Contact us at 1-800-MATLACK to discuss your specific equipment needs and product requirements.