Matlack Leasing is a leading propane tanks manufacturer and supplier, offering many options in gas tank containers and rubber lined tanks. We strive to offer the highest quality selection of carbon, non-metallic, and gas tank containers.

Our gas tank containers use the highest grade of materials and are available in many makes and models. All gas tank containers are pressure-tested and include spill-proof caps. Corrosion resistant and able to contain noxious gases safely, gas tank containers last much longer than ones made of plastic or other materials. Whether you need new or replacement gas tank containers, we are one of the most reliable propane tanks suppliers available to assist you.

Gas Tank Containers and Rubber Lined Tanks

If its rubber lined tanks that you’re searching for, look no further. We carry every size you need from large to small. Our rubber lined tanks can handle the most abrasive or corrosive materials, using the latest technology and highest quality standards. Our staff will help you choose the rubber lined tanks that are right for your industry. We even offer affordable repairs or replacements for the lining in your tank. As one of the leading propane tanks suppliers, we take pride in upholding industry standards for our clients and yours.

If you have more questions regarding gas tank containers or rubber lined tanks, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-MATLACK.