Transporting liquid bulk food grade products can be a large undertaking. Transportation of products needs to be done properly and safely to maintain sanitation. Matlack Leasing’s food grade tanks are well suited to storing and transporting liquid products.

Our food grade tanks meet or exceed regulations for safe food grade commodity transportation. Matlack Leasing’s food grade tanks move bulk liquids, and can be modified to your freight specifications, such as adding temperature control or vessel linings.

Matlack Leasing’s tanks are optimal for transporting or storage of a variety of food grade products including: oils, sweeteners, starches, and cornstarch. Matlack Leasing can purchase for your account a variety of specialized tanks including tanks may include refrigeration, additional insulation, addition heat channels etc.

Food Grade Tank Features

  • TankTrailers: 6,500- 7,000 gallon capacity insulated with heat channels
  • ISO Tanks 24,000 Liters insulated with heat channels
  • Tanks may be polished to a 4W finish
  • With our strategic manufacturing partners, we can develop unique equipment to meet your most difficult liquid challenges